About us

Ticoon’s foundation established back in January 2017 when Gatien Cantais, Niels Rolland and Sébastien Berges all invested for the first time in ICOs. Upon joining several online communities and crypto pools, they noticed that key elements were vastly different from the traditional financial ecosystem. This included (but not limited to) the ever changing market, communication, information exchange, and investors’ expectations. Thus introducing a new ecosystem that is constantly being reshaped.

This prompted them to launch Ticoon in September 2017 with a clear vision in mind. They would make sure to elevate their brand with strategic ICO consultation and community management. Ticoon started with a principal question: “How can we reconcile the business and financial requirements of ICO project leaders with the expectations and codes of the crypto-community?”.

In an intensely competitive global economy, the company’s success relies on human creativity, motivation, dedication and collaboration. Due to its strong ICO analytical background, counsel and investments in more than 100 projects; the company has a diverse client base of start-up projects along with major firms. This has ensured that Ticoon can now firmly cement its position as the go to company for successful Blockchain strategy and marketing counsel.

Our team

Niels Rolland
Account Manager

Gatien Cantais
ICO Analyst

Sébastien Bergès
Token Metrics Analyst