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Strategy, marketing & community management

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Leveraging our investor experience to design an optimal structure to your blockchain project

Marketing & communication

We create an impacting marketing plan fitting the blockchain market specifics in order to target investors

Community management

We address your message and engage your community with a team of experienced crypto professionals

Our goal

Blockchain-based projects are different. Not only the technology. Funding & structuring those projects require new ways of doing marketing.

As early decentralization believers, we know how the blockchain & crypto sphere analyze and value projects, how hypes are created, and how faithful communities are built. As historic members of these very specific communities, we can help you to reach them.

As business profiles, with experiences in marketing, entrepreneurship and finance, we have the skills to understand your needs and be the most efficient bridge between your project and the community.

That’s why we chose to build tailor-made solutions and premium services in order to give your project all the attention it deserves.

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